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More Barcelona highlights (aka first foie)

August 16, 2009

Tried to hit a little cava-bar recommended by the guidebook but apparently everyone else had the Lonely Planet guide as well as it was packed full, so wandered a bit and found Lonja de Tapas, which weirdly enough had three Barcelona locations, all literally within  2 blocks of each other. A marketing blitz run amok, I guess, but all three were getting pretty good business in this high foot-traffic area.


Started off with a heap of deep-fried padron peppers with sea salt. Most were pretty mild with great flavor, but about 1 in 10 of these was scorchingly hot, so the process was a little like playing Russian pepper roulette.


Some tomato salad  and grilled vegetables with romesco made the wife happy.



And some pork cuts with chimichuri marinade (more awesomely spelled ximixuri in Catalan) made me happy.


All quite good up to this point, but then the show stopper arrived:


What’s going on here is foie gras spinkled with sea salt on top of gingerbead with mango and raspberry reductions. Just about the fancy-pantsiest thing I’ve ever gotten, and easily the most mind-blowing combination of flavors I’ve ever tasted. The fatty liver had the consistency of seared butter, and its overwhelming richness exploded the simple salt and complex sweetness of the gingerbread and mango sauce. Lauren loved it, I loved it. Will be remembered for some time, and as an extra bonus this would’ve cost $30 easy in Chicago, but only ran us about $5 here, which pretty much clinched a repeat visit to Lonja de Tapas.

Finished off the meal with a dessert of deep-fried camembert with raspberry sauce


Entire bill for two people came in just under 35 euro, which equals about $cheap.

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