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Pepper sauce

August 16, 2009

Am just about to run dry from last year’s batch of hot sauce, so I picked a peck of (un)pickled peppers to re-up.


2 serranos, 1 cubanelle, 1 poblano, 1.5 red bell, 1 sweet banana, 2 chipotle chilis with a bit of adobo sauce (not seen) and 5 hungarian hots (not used due to both lack of flavor and disappointing hotness–might try to pickle them). Chopped em all up and boiled in unfiltered apple cider vinegar with a few cloves of garlic, a glop or two of dijon, and plenty of kosher salt until entire apartment chokingly reeked of vinegar and spice, which hasn’t dissipated over the past 24 hours. Breathing hot sauce is a newfound joy.


A quick whir in the food processor left me with 3 ball jars full of a nice tangy-sweet sauce with decent heat that should develop a little more after leaving them in the dark for a couple weeks. A few generous dollops of this stuff on hardboiled eggs is breakfast bliss.


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