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NY Strip with blue cheese sauce

August 25, 2009

For dinner tonight was one of my top three favorite ways to make steaks (the other two being steaks with brown pan sauce, and steaks with nothing else).


Ingredients for the sauce: Large hunk of Danablue cheese (melts wonderfully, tastes wonderfullier), a shallot, some heavy cream, white wine, and tarragon. The absence of butter makes this sauce, in my estimation, health food.


Recession-portion steak (if you weren’t savvy before, know that Costco has the best thick-cut steaks that don’t pillage the wallet) getting its sear on.


Bubbly bubbly. A spoon is the only side this sauce really needs.


Sauce meets meat. Tomato salad in the background. While it looks like pickles on top, it’s actually a fascinating little green tomato, green zebra, we think. These little guys taste . . . wait for it . . .


. . . like bacon! Seriously. But a little fruity too. Essentially the world’s most perfect food.

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