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Roasted Everything Salsa

September 19, 2009

Stupid tomatoes. At the beginning of the summer I bought a little tomato plantlet called “bush early girl,” which meant that it was supposed to be good for container planting (this part turned out ok) and also was supposed to fruit WAY earlier than other tomatoes, like in mid to late June. Sure enough, in June there was nothing. July there were a few hard little greenies, which stayed green throughout August. It wasn’t until MID-SEPTEMBER that they started to turn red, by which time it’s cool enough in Chicago for the plant to, you know, stop living and get on with dying. What a jerk.


I watered these things every day for over four months, hoping that I’d turn out to miraculously be some sort of tomato-growing savant. Alas, when Lauren and I took our first reverent bites of the plant we’d tended so carefully for so long, the tomato was a resounding meh. Not bad, mind you, just on the acceptable side of being mealy with not a whole lot going on tastewise. I’ll try again next year, but don’t feel like I’ve necessarily learned anything, so kinda doubt it’ll work out much better. For now, though, I’m going on the assumption that 2009 was just a disastrously poor summer for tomatoes. If this is not the case, do me a favor and don’t tell me.

So, we had these tomatoes that we didn’t necessarily want to eat, so the missus suggested I make a roasted tomato salsa out of them. My wife has terrific ideas. Along with these gorgeous peppers


which, when I asked the lady at the farmer’s market what kind they were, she said “hot.” Thanks lady. But they were pretty, so I stuck the tomatoes and a few others we had lying around, the peppers, some onion and garlic in the broiler.

IMG_3078Before (less delicious)

IMG_3080After (with flame-added delicious)

A quick whir in the foodchopmachine and yum, salsa! Curiously, this was blisteringly hot right when I made it, but after letting it figure itself out for a few days it somehow got milder. Is that even possible?


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