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Eggs en cocotte

October 17, 2009

Eggs en cocotte (Frenchy for “eggs in cocotte”) is the new favorite breakfast around here, and rather easy to throw together. Saute some mushrooms and shallot in butter or olive oil or whatever, then toss in a hearty dash of cognac, a touch of cream, boil it down, and season with S&P until it tastes yum. Rub some butter all around the inside of some ramekins, and evenly (or disproportionally, whatever you’re feeling) dole out the mushrooms.


Layer on some cheese. I used blue because I love blue cheese so much it’s bordering on unhealthy. A question I ask the wife more and more frequently, no matter what I’m making, is “What do you think, can we add some blue cheese to this?” The answer, awesomely, is yes 100% of the time.


Drop in some eggs and sprinkle with chopped herbs (tarragon here) and put the ramekins in a skillet water bath, cover and simmer about five minutes or so until the eggs are just set.


If you know what’s good for you, leave the eggs a little runny and you’ll be left with a gorgeously goopy mix of yolk-soaked cheesy mushrooms to start the day. Then, right back to bed with ye.


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