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Yom Kippur Brisket

October 17, 2009

Our first yearly food tradition is to make a huge brisket for Yom Kippur break-fast. Now, I don’t fast because I honestly don’t think I’d survive, but the wife does and I like to have a huge meal waiting for her and her Jewish brethren when they return from services. And I LOVE every step of making brisket. I get positively giddy when I get to go to the butcher and ask for a seven-pound hunk of cow. Here’s this year’s beauty:


Season the heck out of the meat and sear on all sides (had to cut this one in half to fit in the dutch oven). Searing meat makes me crazy. I absolutely lose my mind in a haze of bliss with the kssss of the meat hitting a hot pan, the smell of meat and fat caramelizing, the divine visuals of perfectly dark-golden crust, and knowing that all the browned bits of left-over meat-specks on the bottom of the pan are going to lead to positively destructive deliciousness in the sauce. Gawk a bit at this holiness:


Just looking at that picture make me so excited I can hardly sit still. Gah! SEAR!!!

Anyway, I sizzle some garlic and onions in this yum-packed pan:


Deglaze with a bottle of nice red wine, add some stock, bay leaves, thyme, bring to a boil and nestle that brisket right in there.


Low and slow in the oven for about four hours or so, just enough time for the smell to make the dog to go completely bonkers and me right along with her. It’s really best to do this all the day before, and let the cooked brisket sit in the juice overnight in the fridge magically getting even more perfect. Slice and reheat with juices in a covered roasting pan.


At this point I kinda forgot to take any more pictures, but alas. Next year. Served with roasted carrots, matzo-dumplings (boiled in the brisket braise liquid), horseradish sauce, and pecan-noodle kugel. There may have been a salad. Who can remember? Nine or ten good friends helped make sure there was nary a speck of meat left over.

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  1. Ima permalink
    October 26, 2009 3:03 pm

    MMMM, I’ll do this next Rosh Hashana, or maybe before just because your description has my mouth watering.

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