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Thanksgiving in Heaven

December 5, 2009

The Cabin

We spent turkeyfest 09, as I hope to spend it every year, in the cabin in the woods of Maine, a treat that is only one of the many reasons why it’s really no contest that I’m the luckiest fella around. For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure, he’s a quick tour:

The faucet

The washstand

The bar
(missing, probably due to the fact that it was constantly being passed around, is the bottle of Brennivin, a curiously delicious Icelandic schnapps)

The view

Perty, no?

The way it works in Limerick, Maine  is that we all head over the Kate and Fontaine’s amazing house for a spectacular first Thanksgiving (followed by a round of headlamp croquet, in which my wife made a series of jaw-dropping shots to help us race from worst to first. If there was an ESPN Classic channel devoted to night croquet, this match would have been an instant classic, to be studied and marveled over for the ages). Then, on Friday everyone reconvenes in the cabin for second Thanksgiving. But, before I get ahead of myself, here’s some pics from First Thanksgiving:

The 28-pounder just out of the oven. This thing was massive, as if a turkey had et another turkey. I’m not sure how this thing walked around. I’m guessing it didn’t. Not that I would have, but I could have stuck my entire head in that cavity. Ok, I kinda wanted to, but am blessed with remarkable restraint. Figuring out how to transfer it from the roasting pan to the carving dish without it coming apart from its own sheer weightiness was a challenge, but Fontaine was up to the task:

Note the cast-iron wood-burning stove in the background. I MUST have one.

Without a doubt the cleverest salad I’ve ever seen. Get it?

Plate o’ happy.

On to Second Thanksgiving. This is the big event for Aba, when he gets to deep-fry two new turkeys in the woods. Here’s the setup:

Hard to see here, but it was pretty much pouring all day. However, Aba’s got this method so well perfected that it mattered none at all. Take that, precipitation!

About to drop bird one.

Bird one in!

And about an hour later, perfection.

While bird two is getting its fry on it’s time to finish up the fixins. Caramelized pecans for the sweet potatoes, and in the big pot is a double helping of roasted hearts, livers, and gizzards for the gravy.

Meanwhile, bird one is getting torn asunder by ravenous hordes. The desired method is to peel off a bit of skin and use it a taco shell for torn-off hunks of thigh meat. No pics available because I was pretty busy gorging myself.

The Spread:

(the tankard in the center is filled with gravy. I couldn’t have been the only one to ponder the implications of gravy as a beverage)

The pies:

Thanks to everyone who made it such a terrific weekend! I daersay it’ll be impossible to top, but have no doubt we’ll find a way to do so next year.

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