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Guest cookin’

January 24, 2010

Yesterday, Josh and Christine from Sunday Dinner Club (a mildly secret undergroundish eat-party that you should know about and partake in if you don’t already–despite the name it happens many days of the week) were gracious enough to let me come and bumble around in their kitchen and help prepare a tremedous cassoulet dinner. I didn’t get many pics because they slapped an apron on me and set me to task prepping for dinner, which started with an outrageous seared scallop app on celery root purée, drizzled with a touch of cilantro/toasted cumin seed/serrano chile sauce. My dislike of scallops is pretty much a distant, unpleasant memory by now. Next was a roasted garlic potato soup with a heavenly little pile of nearly purple prosciutto. Then came the star of the show–cassoulet. I’m working from memory here, but I’m pretty sure this thing had garlic sausage, pork shoulder confit, bacon lardons, roasted duck legs, and braised lamb. The point is that it was absurdly good and decadently overloaded with slow-meat deliciousness. It’s really unfair to all other food how amazing this is. Part of my plating duties (there were 26 guests, so plating and serving was a team effort that would have made Henry Ford proud) was to apply the Dijon smear to the cassoulet bowls, and I had a sec to snap a shot, sadly without the cassoulet, but you’ll just have to attend to see what that’s all about.

I also got off a shot of the salads, which thanks to Christine’s guidance I am now familiar with the Zen-like calm achieved by lovingly crafting individual piles of greens. If you look carefully you’ll see a wee glass of scotch among the plates. How’d that get there!

I’d tell you about the mousse and toffee for dessert, but that may just be cruel at this point. What you need to do is get on Sunday Dinner Club’s mailing list and get thee to a feast. I can’t thank Josh and Christine enough for letting me join in for the fun, and know that I’ll keep coming as long as they’ll have me.

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