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8@ : The Purple Pig

February 19, 2010

Hit The Purple Pig (tagline: “Cheese, swine, and wine”) last weekend, and there was much yum to be had.

Deep fried deviled egg came in a charming pig platter. I have absolutely no idea how they did it, but it looked just like a deep-fried hard-boiled egg. Then, you cut it open, and the yolk inside is all runny and deviled up.

How’d they do that? I’m guessing syringes were involved. When we ordered, our waitress said she’d have to check if they had any left, and came back and said the chef had only made ten but had two left. What the? It’s friday night folks, you need dozens of these babies. In any case, we completely shamelessly ordered the last two. Sorry about that, rest of restaurant. Totally worth the longing looks from the group sitting next to us at the huge communal table.

Pork liver pate, and they don’t skimp on this stuff. Around the same time the roasted marrow arrived:

Delicious delicious bone butter. I figured the obvious course of action was to piggyback the marrow on the liver:

Everything was pretty spectacular up to this point, but then this arrived:

It’s milk-braised pork shoulder, and all you really need to know is that it was so tender and succulent it served with naught but a SPOON. Oh my. Oh my indeed.

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